Treatment Plan

It is better to believe than to disbelieve;  in so doing you bring everything to the realm of possibility. -Albert Einstein

After years of trying multiple approaches with medications, procedures, therapies and dietary modifications, I have high hopes that some recommended treatments will finally bring some relief.

You can watch this video that led me on this path and connected me with someone who was able to cure her gastroparesis.  This was the first time I have really felt  hopeful that I CAN possibly get better!  In addition, a local friend of mine recovered from her own GP through the work of a local therapist and trip to AZ to see a specialists.   After years of being so sick, this is no quick fix.  With time, patience, dedication and the necessary funds, I’m willing to give it my all, take a leap of faith, and pray for a positive outcome.


Treatment Plan

  • Weekly acupuncture visits to Vancouver, B.C., over an hour’s drive, with Dr. Che, one of Vancouver’s top acupuncturist.  He has over 20 years experience, originally trained as a medical doctor and has successfully treated others with gastroparesis and intestinal disorders.
  • Chinese herbs that have successfully been used as well to treat GP, adjusted every 2-3 weeks as needed.
  • Myofascial release with local therapist to help work through the scar tissue built up from multiple surgeries and years of tension caused from pain and discomfort.
  • GOAL: Trip to Arizona for a 2 week intensive in October, 2013 with myofascial worker who has actually helped others completely recover from gastroparesis (I’ve witnessed this watching a friend go from a feeding tube in the hospital to being active, healthy and eating real food after just 10 days there!). 
  • Weekly visits with a stress therapist to help work on the nervous system, particularly the vagus nerve, thought to be damaged and a possible cause of stomach and digestive paralysis.
  • Lots and lots of relaxation, sleep and breathing exercises.  Even small amounts of stress or overdoing it can cause a major flare that can last for days.
  • Staying on TPN, IV nutrition, as long as necessary to continue gaining the drastic weight I lost recently after a feeding tube malfunctioned and surgery created even more pain and disruption.  This requires “hooking up” to an 1800 ml bag which contains protein, carbohydrates and nutrients, providing an average of 1500 calories/day.  The bag connects to a pump which then connects to what is called a PICC line placed through a vein in my upper right arm.  It slowly drips in over a period of 12 hrs each night.  Complications can include blood infections, site infection, and possible liver damage over time.  So far it has gone quite well as we (Trevor included!) are pretty detailed and strict about taking care of it.
  • Diet of well cooked, soft foods that are easy to digest, in small portions.  Read more in About GP to learn more.
  • Daily intake of medications that allow my stomach to have enough movement to digest these small amounts of food, in addition to supplements recommended by Dr. Matsen and those I have worked with in the past.
  • Being surrounded by so much love and support from my family, friends, online GP communities, and of course our sweet puppy Luna!  They give me reason to wake up and fight this fight every single day.

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2 thoughts on “Treatment Plan

  1. Hi Stephanie

    I am currently going through the diagnosis of gastroparesis. After 3 1/2 years of being sick.. A gastric emptying test concluded gastroparesis.
    I wanted to share with you how my diagnosis actually came about. It was through my physiotherapist if you can imagine. I was seeing her for bursitis in my knee, through chatting I shared some of my gastro. Related struggles. She tells me about this treatment called visceral manipulation that she does. She did a quick check and tells me i have scar tissue build up around my hip & about these 2 valves that are working out of sequence. I researched both the treatment & stomach valves. That is where I discovered gastroparesis. I knew right then and there that is what I had. Drs didn’t want to hear it. After the tests were completed, i continued my vs treatment. Upon my return i was told my pylorus valve was completely stuck closed. As you know, what she has been saying about a stuck valve would explain gastroparesis. So far this week i haven’t thrown up or been nauseous. Please get in touch for more info. I truly believe it’s something worth looking into!

    • Hi Amy,
      Thanks for sharing your journey here. I’m so glad you found this information out about the valves and it is helping! I would love to chat with you more on this, send me an email at Currently I’m in Sedona, AZ getting what is called myofascial treatment that works with scar tissue and is a bit similar to visceral manipulation. Back home I’ve also seen a PT that helps manipulate the valves to work properly. You are the first one to bring this up in the GP world and so glad someone else has looked into it. Look forward to hearing from you.

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